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Dr. John Lukyamuzi preaching the word of God

Our Mission

CFMFAN  provides willing people with the power of hope, and the knowledge of God and the lessons of grace.

Spreading the good news  of Jesus Christ to the people of the Northwest. Seeing God’s desires  fulfilled through a stronger family and throughout the earth as:

The  solution to all of man’s problems is the application and implementation  of the Word of God.  Achieving spiritual maturity through avenues of  bible studies, prayer, discipleship, one on one witnessing, worship,  short-term missions, and praise, as well as, each believer discovering  and developing their gifts and talents through personal involvement. 

Dr. John A. Lukyamuzi Traditional African outfit

Who We Are

A Journey of Faith  

During the blood thirsty regime of Idi Amin Dr. John A Lukyamuzi lived under warlike conditions in the nation of Uganda.

He has gone through many trying circumstances, and brings a wealth of experience for transforming churches, cities and nations.
 Demonstrating  how a "win-win" attitude brings victory when based on God and His Word,  his audiences always move to a higher level and come away with a  renewed direction. They have a new grasp on recognizing and seizing  opportunities and maximizing their full potential in all of life's  pursuits regardless of how impossible the situation.
 Dr. Lukyamuzi  and the entire CFMFAN family offer a fresh perspective to help you  overcome obstacles or turn those very obstacles into stepping stones!

All Is Well with Dr. John A. Lukyamuzi has been broadcast on television and radio since 2003

A History on Television

It was my privilege to interview Dr. JohnLukyamuzi on my weekly  half-hour interview program, "Public Report." I was impressed with his  sincerity, honesty, and positive attitude as we talked about his life's  experiences in Uganda and here in America ..He is a most compelling  person, passionate about his beliefs, and dedicated to making life  better for his family and those who come into contact with him. I  believe that the persecution he suffered in Uganda has uniquely prepared  him for ministering to the needs of people around the world. It's  unfortunate that a person like John has had to go through that kind of  "training," but he is more effective and successful because of it.

              - George Pettingell, Public Affairs Director/Author, Trinity Broadcasting of Washington, Seattle , WA

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