Dr. John A Lukyamuzi is the FOUNDER of PNUAA

PNUAA (Pacific Northwest Ugandan American Association)


The History of the Pacific Northwest Ugandan American Association

The Pacific Northwestern Uganda American Association (PNUAA) was founded by an entrepreneur/businessman Dr. John A. Lukyamuzi, in 1990 in Federal Way, Washington. The association was initially named the Ugandan American Fellowship. In the beginning there were only three people in attendance.

In 1991, we outgrew the house we were meeting in, and John rented the German House for the Uganda Independence celebration. From that time on we never looked backward. In 1995 the executive committee members established a foundation in the constitution and bylaws for fellowship, dignity, democracy, and for the preservation of our generation and the generations to come. Also in 1995 we changed the name of the association to the Pacific Northwestern Uganda American Association. As of today our association has grown to the point where we now have had more than 150 people in attendance at some of our events. Dr. Lukyamuzi is the former secretary of Uganda Northwest American Association (UNAA) 1993- 1995.

John was the executive producer and host of weekly All is Well radio programs broadcasting on KGNW and K-LIFE, and of a daily program broadcasting on ICN Web Radio 24/7 in Seattle, Washington. Today John is also the President of Christian Faith Ministries For All Nations in Federal Way. In 2004, at the 16th annual convention of the Uganda North America Association, PNUAA became the second Ugandan organization ever to host Ugandan President His Excellency Yoweri K. Museveni as their keynote speaker.

Dr. Lukyamuzi met former United States president Bill Clinton in person in 1993. Also, President Clinton sent the following message of encouragement addressed to the Ugandan immigrants: “Our ancestors came from every corner of the globe, bringing a myriad of cultures, experiences, and beliefs that have shaped our nation. By preserving our ethnic heritage, each of us can provide our nation with a source of strength and tradition in a rapidly changing world.” “America was founded on the principle that we all are created equal, and this solemn commitment to tolerance and freedom binds us together. Our diversity of culture enriches and broadens our American experience. As you celebrate your own heritage, you can take pride in your contributions to our great nation.” “Best wishes for a memorable celebration.”

-William Clinton

                                                                          The Vision of PNUAATo promote unity and friendship.To love one another.To encourage one another.To fellowship with each other.

To come to each other’s aid

                                                                         The purposes of PNUAA

This organization is a non-profit organization focused on the economic, social, and cultural needs of its


There are 6 objectives of the association;To stimulate and encourage region-wide acquaintance among members.To develop through research, discussion and exchange of information, a better understanding of problemsfacing members.To encourage business relationships and interaction.To promote unity and friendship.To promote and foster social, cultural, economic, and philanthropic activitiesTo address emergencies amongst members and share the same with North Americans and other groups.


To unify all Ugandans now living in Northwest and create a platform on which they can network, share and experience Ugandan culture and the abundant opportunities of our new home.


To enable, stimulate and promote acquaintance, friendship and unity among Ugandans in Northwest by promoting social and cultural activities and interaction within and between our local communities.To address the needs and challenges peculiar to our members by promoting co-operative efforts and developing strategic partnerships with philanthropic, cultural, educational, economic empowerment and other social service organizations.To increase awareness and facilitate access to the gainful exploitation of educational, entrepreneurial and employment opportunities in Northwest through better networking, training and other innovative programs mostly focusing on our youth.To build partnerships with key stakeholders that will facilitate the growth of cultural, philanthropic, economic and educational interests between the peoples of Uganda and North America.

To promote and protect our unique Ugandan cultural identity through regular social and cultural activities.


Download the PNUAA Constitution and Bylaws