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Social Media Network Purpose

The purpose of the CFMFAN SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK ...

- To communicate, motivate, inspire, and develop the art of encouraging others.

- To create a platform where members of this social network will bless each other.

- To develop positive ideas and opinions.

- To learn respect and a disciplined life which is very crucial to promote love and compassion.

- To apply godly principles in our interaction with each other.

The whole purpose of this CFMFAN SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK is to bring people together: in grace, hope, faith, unconditional love and prayer for the glory of God. 

CFMFAN Social media network Marketing Coordinator
Sybil "Sweet Mama" Woodall
CFMFAN Social media network Marketing Coordinator Sybil "Sweet Mama" Woodall
Dr. John A. Lukyamuzi at Puget Sound WA

Dr. John A Lukyamuzi


"Its a breath of fresh air, considering what goes on elsewhere" 

Albert from Uganda 

"It builds my inner man and by the way since i joined this group my life changed. 

- Lillian from Uganda" 

"Hi  Pastor Lukyamuzi I have to say that I appreciate your contributions on  the Digital Platform which are building & encouraging.  Thanks a lot  & please keep it up." 

Vivian from Uganda  

"Well,  thanks Dad,  for teaching and showing me the right way!  Let me open  my, eyes, minds, to have a brighter future!  Thanks Dad" 

Joshua, spiritual son ofUganda  

"Why do I love CFMFAN its Amazing and Different from other Groups we have or have been on......!!!!! 

CFMFAN  NETWORK is full of God's Word and that the Food for the soul, It as  helped me so much to grow up in faith and to know that my God is a  living God . 

I would like  to thank Dr/Pr John Lukyamuzi and your Team for the great work you are  doing out there may the lord my God be with u and protect u and your  families, Amen" 

Michael, from the pearl of Africa Uganda  

"Pastor John Lukyamuzi is a gracious, committed and faithful man of God". 

Pr. Gil Duncan 1V. Pennsylvania, USA 

"This CFMFAN NETWORK  has wonderful, soul stirring, spiritual food that definitely lifts my spirit and feeds my soul." 

Sybil Sweetmama from Nebraska, USA 

"Oh my God a miracle has happened l have been praying for something like this glory to God." 

Mariah from Uganda 

"Praise  God brethren. I extend my gratitude to pastor  John Lukyamuzi for  renewal of my mind in my spiritual path/journey. I didn't even have a  bible to start with. 

He empowered me, motivated, inspired me and built my confidence.Thanks pastor John." 

Harriet from USA 

"Pastor  John A Lukyamuzi  thanks for adding me to this group...the little I've  read is a great inspiration. God is indeed using you mightily to change  nations. 

I'm a nation myself! I love the spiritual rehabilitation in you." 

Claire from Uganda

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Hello all ...

CFMFAN Social Media Network


Lead by Dr. John A. Lukyamuzi

International Motivational Speaker, Life Coach,

Executive Producer & Host of Radio and TV

P.O. BOX 400091 Cambridge MA 02140